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Team and Individual Development Options



Customized On-Site Solutions

Organizational and Team Development

Focus your resources toward increasing team engagement to positively impact your organization's productivity.

We can create solutions designed to address specific issues facing your organization.  Instead of trying to tailor established materials to fit your circumstances we’ll create materials targeted for them.  Some examples of the areas for employee development include improved communications, better interrelationships, enhanced teamwork, supervisory skills, management training, relationship selling, more productivity, and improved presentations.  Check out our 4 A’s process for customizing training to understand our level of commitment to your success.


Dale Carnegie Skills for Success Program

Be the Person You Want to Be

See yourself in a whole new light, build courage and confidence as you polish the unique strengths to achieve more in every part of your life.


This world-famous program has been helping people improve their leadership skills since 1912.  Whether you are looking to feel more comfortable speaking up in meetings or want to be more effective in conducting those meetings, interact with others more skillfully or help your team better relate with one another, communicate your ideas clearly one-on-one or to comfortably speak to a group of people, this program is for you.


Impactful Leadership Through Strategic Presentations Program

Become a Compelling Presenter

Whether persuading colleagues, selling to clients, or energizing a team, the leadership presence you display while presenting will make all the difference.


Most people avoid speaking to a group of people in any circumstances and for any reason, because they are extremely uncomfortable doing so.  Those that are comfortable, and maybe not even all that good at it, have a tremendous advantage being willing to express their ideas to a group.  We believe everyone can get better making presentations.  No matter how well or poorly you present now, we can help you get better.


Leadership Training for Managers

Inspire and Develop Your Team to Achieve Desired Results

Today’s leaders must balance inspiring their team to excel while creating and maintaining dependable processes to support their success.


The main challenge for managers is balancing the development of people with successful processes for accomplishing organizational goals.  These two priorities require very different skill sets, and unfortunately most managers are stronger in one or the other, rarely both.  This program will enable individual managers to enhance those ‘weaker’ skill sets, and a team of managers to impact the culture of their organization.

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